Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Choose a direction already!

With so many ancestors sometimes it is hard to choose a path of discovery and actually stay on it. You know what I mean. You start with Grandpa and soon you are on his uncles cousin who has a prison record and much more exciting than anything in your direct line. I suffer from these distractions but am trying to make a concentrated effort to be more focused. And not neglect my blog project.

After finding potential witches from Salem in my family line, yes, direct line, I decided to really get down to getting all the documentation I could to make that link error proof. I got stuck on Anson Preston 1800-1891, my 4th Great Grandfather. Oh I have lots of documents on him, census records, grave stones, listed on childrens death certificates, but I don't have his death certificate or birth for that matter.

I did discover that there is an obituary in the Findlay Weekly Jeffersonian that very well could be him and after lots of procrastinating I put in an order for a copy. Now I await the arrival and cross my fingers that there is a mother load of information in the obit. In the meantime, I will stay on track and look for birth records, maybe...