Friday, March 27, 2015

Family Reunions

This summer I will be heading out west with my husband for the Schwiebert Family Reunion. This event happens every five years and alternates between Kirchwalsede Germany and somewhere in the US usually some spot in north western Ohio. Not this year. No sir! We are headin' for Pasadena, CA.

Schwieberts from all over the world attend the reunions and it is so interesting to meet new cousins and catch up with old cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. My direct line is through my grandmother Lydia Schwiebert Burke. Her parents, Fred and Emma (Freytag) Schwiebert lived in Deshler, OH.

Both of their parents immigrated to Ohio from Germany and both were born in Ohio. They had 12 children all but one reaching adulthood. I have two children and cannot possibly imagine having 12 are you kidding?

While attending the reunion in 2010 in Kirchwalsede Germany we stayed at the fabulous Green Hunter Hotel or Zum Grünen Jäger which was very close to the lovely church my Schwiebert ancestors built St. Bartholomew. We got a nice coffee mug with a painting of the church on it as a souvenir.