Saturday, November 8, 2014

Learn a Little, Learn a Lot

My paternal grandparents DeWayne and Lydia Burke were both teachers and my mother was a teacher and they all taught me that you never stop learning. I have been trying to add more knowledge to the old brain these days by listening to some fantastic podcasts. I love this way of learning. I just turn one on while I am driving or cleaning and BAM! learn something. To be honest, I don't do a lot of cleaning if I can help it as I would rather be researching something so it's mostly while I am driving or playing solitaire.

My three favorite ones right now are Lisa Luise Cooke's Genealogy Gems PodcastFamily Tree Podcast, and The Genealogy Professional Podcast. All three offer different perspectives and always something I didn't know and can use in my research. I know there are more out there and I have not tried them all but might one day. I would love to hear of other amazing podcasts that might be your favorites.

Here is a photo of my grandparents with my dad as a small child back in the late 1930's. My grandfather taught high school American history and my grandmother taught special education in Bellevue Ohio.