Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome to my blog! I have to admit that this is a bit out of the box for me and has taken quite a while, not gonna say how long exactly, to get this going. Thanks for checking it out.

I hope to meet new relatives and share family information with other researching the same branches and limbs. Just to get started some of the family names I am researching are: Burke, Schwiebert, Herman, Freytag, Curtiss, Stimmell, Roesch, Freytag, Preston, Frettinger, Stevens/Stephens, Florentz, Chandler, Pierre, Adkins, Herald, Eitenne, Meisler, Griffith, Adkins and Bartram. I think that is plenty for now and goes back 5 generations. I am sure more names will enter the picture.

Most of these families are found in West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, France, Germany and England. Do these names and places sound familiar? Maybe we are related.

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