Friday, July 25, 2014

The Organization Chore

Most genealogists have a plethora of evidence lying about in their work space or just around the house, or all over the house. I can at least say mine is all over my computer in various files or in a big file box. I think I can find what I am looking for if I try but it will take some time.

So this month I am embarking on organizing my piles of evidence and connecting them with the correct person while learning some new computer and excel tricks. Wish me luck!

I have listened to three lectures on organization and can say that two have given me some great ideas on how to link up the computer data to my ancestors as well as all the paper proof I have stored in my files using an excel sheet. Will I accomplish this monumental task? That remains to be seen but I think if I plan on a few people a day and I don't procrastinate (like writing a blog post instead or organizing) I just might get it done.

Who knows what I may find while plowing through all the stuff I have saved on my computer. I might find the proof I need to connect Anson Preston with his father Jacob Preston or at least have a lead to go snooping further. Would that fall under procrastination?


  1. Found you blog via Jana's Friday lists post. Nice to read another blogger and researcher that is like me. All the ifs and bits plus some procrastination means I never seem to forward my gene research or write posts. May the organizational pland help. Fran

  2. Fran, so far so good. I have 5 people in out of, oh I shouldn't go there. I am happy with 5 for now. Tomorrow 6! Love your blog.