Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sorting Saturday - the organization changes and continues

As much as I loved my new excel organizing chart it was beginning to be to cumbersome. Two many ancestors which created too many pages since each one had their very own page. Now I am not an expert at excel by any stretch of the imagination but when I think excel should do something I find a way to learn to do it and I did. I made a new chart and I love it. I just hope I don't find anything better.

My original setup was the same page for each ancestor and it looked like this only bigger and with more pages:

My new form is all in one and is much easier to work with. I give each document a code with a letter and number and that is how it is filed in a binder and if it is in the computer that code is attached as well. This helps in not duplicating documents as it seems I have the same ones saved over and over again. Go figure. I did not print out the very first column which has names and spouses listed.

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