Thursday, January 22, 2015

Genealogy Do Over Week Three

This is the week where we take the information from "the Interview" and start the research. I am very excited to do it right from the beginning this time and get all the citations in my log. My next step is starting over with my My Heritage family tree. There are lots of names in there that are not proven and I just want to start it from scratch and this is my big chance.

How hard is it to delete people in your tree? SUPER HARD! I look at one and think "oh I should keep him I know everything is true" UGH! It is really hard to be disciplined about starting over. I have everyone on a tree in Ancestry so what is my problem in deleting them in My Heritage? I am sure you all understand and sympathize with me, thank you.

I will end this post and head right over to Deleteville and begin ancestor removal. Wish me luck!

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