Thursday, April 23, 2015


I have been busy these last few months recording a podcast with my friend Amy Lay, a professional genealogist, to help out those new family historians just getting started. We have had a blast learning how to do a podcast and actually getting it out there. Episodes 4 and 5, our latest efforts, are the best ones yet. They cover census records and cemetery research. The first ones are full of great information on pedigree charts and research logs then birth, marriage and death records. Not as casual as the last but like good wine we get better with time.

Speaking of wine, we call our podcast the Genealogy Happy Hour  and include a bottle of wine each episode. The last one on cemeteries was a bottle of Cabernet, see how the red wine fits into the cemetery research, and it has a beautiful stone angel on the label that looks like it could be on a headstone. It is Montes Alpha Cabernet. I should also say we are no wine experts by any stretch of the imagination. We just like it and like the labels. We also do not approve of drinking and researching. Drink afterwards because you will probably need it.

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