Saturday, January 2, 2016

What I know about Grace Estelle Curtiss

This year I am going to concentrate on an Ancestor a week. Something like the 52 Ancestor challenge but with a twist. I also want to learn more and get back into my digital scrapbooking so I will combine the two. First I will make a digital scrapbook page with my Artisan 5 program by Panstoria, which I love, and a template from Pixels2Pages (thanks!) then I will post it here and blog a little bit about it. I will focus mainly on the vital facts of the person, birth, marriage, death. Then if I know a little something extra I can put that in as well.

The first ancestor is Grace Estelle Curtiss. Yes, it is Curtiss with two "s". Not sure when that came about as some of her ancestors spelled it with only one "s". The information printed is from her death certificate and two marriage certificates. I wonder how she felt after her first husband died and she was only 24 with two small children. From the census it looks like her new family as well as her brother Charles, moved to Michigan. Her mother moved soon after and lived with Charles and his family. She died a few years before Grace.
 I wish I had photos of all my ancestors. It would make this project so much more fun!

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