Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Tip - Not what your looking for? Try it anyway

My Grandmother and her Florentz/Pierre family came to the US from St. Marie Aux Mines, France  when she was 5 years old. We never knew who her grandparents were on either side only the names of her parents and the town there were from. I had searched for records in France and for others online that had the same names but to no avail. So it was dropped from my list of searches for a long while.

The other morning my mother emailed me that she had found some paper of my Grandmothers in a coin box. It did not have anything we didn't already know on it but it did prompt a thought regarding her father and his medals. Might there be a list of who received these medals and maybe some other family members received them also. The search began...

Did I find a medal list? No. But in the search for that a link popped up on Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Blog for searches in the Haute-Rhin region of France. Now this was not what I was looking for at all but I thought I would see if they had anything regarding the St. Marie Aux Mines area.

Boy did I hit the mother load! Not only did it have records for that little town, it had the year of my Great Grandfathers birth and the actual record. That listed his parents and from there I found their marriage certificate which listed both sets of parents. I looked further and found my Great Grandmothers parents marriage record and their parents names as well.

I am so happy there are those people out there willing to scan and copy these old documents and post them, especially for the years I needed them. With more searching I may even find death certificates.

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  1. What a strike of luck! I have also found that if I set my brick wall aside for a while and come back to it later there is almost always something new online to help in a later search. Maybe you can find French cousins that have photos...that would be awesome!